Catholics attack atheists in Colombia during a manifestation [WATCH VIDEO]

By Elisaul Rodriguez


With a banner that said “No church above the law” and signs that made references to things such as the Flying Spaguetti Monster, members of the Asociación de Ateos de Bogotá manifested for the “defence of public space” and against a mass held on October 18 at a community park in the Castilla neighborhood. The event was organized by Jesús Hernán Orjuela “Father Chucho” and his church, who have a history of conducting mass in that park even when the authorities haven’t authorised such activities and have restated its illegality, after numerous complaints filed by members of the community.


The peat of catholics destroyed signs, hurt the protesters and even destroyed some cameras. All of this happened in front of police officers that didn’t do anything except arrest atheists!


On the other hand, Father Chucho (who in the past has said that atheists “are terrorists” and “cannot love”), alleges that protesters not just initiated the violence but also followed him and attacked him inside the church, something that was denied by Ferney Rodríguez, spokesman of the Corporación Bogotana para el Avance de la Razón y el Laicismo (Corporation for the Advancement of Reason and Secularism in Bogota).


“The Mass was interrupted because parishioners did not like the banners”, expressed Rodríguez. According to the spokesman, Father Chucho also incited the crowd, from the pulpit, affirming that protesters were attacking those attending the Eucharist.


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Comunicado Plantón Chucho


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